The House

We lovingly created a comfortable small house in which to enjoy the wonderful surroundings. Sleeps 4: open plan kitchen/living area, large shower bathroom, large terrace and pool. Bedroom 1 opens onto the steps leading to the pool area.

Bedroom 2 is on the gallery above the open plan space. The beauty here is the secluded space you have to totally relax. A weekend feels like a week and a week feels like a month. Bliss!

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Building and Creating the Finca

The farm is a self-sustained environment. When Alex discovered it, the house was a storage room. With his farm assistant, Yahia, they built by hand the house by extending the existing building. As it is off the grid, they installed solar panels to create electricity. In addition, as Alex is an engineer, they built a cistern to collect the rain water and installed a water treatment system. Therefore, you can enjoy the mod cons of running taps, rain shower, satellite TV and more. All the comforts you require.

As it’s a working farm, the main focus was on bringing back the trees to life by stopping any chemical usage, and restoring the dry walls of the terraces of the farm for the olive trees. Yahia is a magician with stones! The result is there for all to admire. The oil produced is of very high quality. We continue to invest on the farm. The next project is an irrigation system that will blend with the nature.

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Surrounding Area

Apart from enjoying the veranda and pool area, one can explore the olive tree terraces. There are some great spots to have a picnic. In addition, you have wonderful views of the sea and delta from the hill.

The local area is very laid back and there are plenty of places to visit. L’Ampolla has a nice marina and good local shops, Deltebre is great for fish, Tortosa with its medieval history and not forgetting Tarragona, which is the next big city in Catalonia after Barcelona, with its Roman history. These are but a few places to visit. We will be sure to leave you a list and recommendations at the home.

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