We share our wonderful times at the farm

The tranquillity here is unbeatable! As the farm is in a valley, the house is secluded and therefore, you are not overlooked or disturbed by passers-by. You can relax on the veranda, watch the olive trees on the terraces and listen to the birds, many of which have returned since we changed the environment and made it totally organic. Over the years, the surrounding farms have also stopped spraying chemicals on their farms and nature has come back!

The house has all the comforts you require, plus the following:

  • BBQ to use -plenty of wood to create your coals, supplied from the olive tree branches we prune
  • Satellite to catch up on world news (if you wish)
  • Ice machine to ensure you have plenty of ice for your cool drinks
  • Projector if you wish to watch a movie
  • Bose speaker to link to your device for music and entertainment